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Concept Episode: "The Loud Secret"

(30 Minutes)

A seasoned psychologist has hired a

young filmmaker to help document the

bigger social issues he has discovered

and expose the underlying thread

between them all.

Each episode begins at Dr. G’s office.  The Doc (Dr. G) - is discussing with the DOCumentarian the contents of a non-descript folder in front of them; "the DOCument" - a dossier containing the episode's subject matter, history, stats, people, purpose, and relevance.


We explore the filmmaker's point of view where she questions Dr. G about what he's trying to capture and what kind of film they are trying to create.


ACT ONE - "the document"

(Approximately 7 minutes)


Dr. G presents the documentarian with this week's document concerning domestic violence and income level with males in the Millennial generation.  While these men are mostly well off financially and prominent figures in the community, there is an underlining correlation of domestic violence.


The DOC presents:


  • While 1 in 2 of Millennials believes domestic violence needs to be stopped, 32% of Millennials have reported suffering from some form of abuse.

  • 50% of that 32% report making an income of over $100,000.00 a year.

  • Demographically, Millennials have the fastest rising rate of unreported and non-prosecuted incidents.

  • Why is this?  What’s causing it?


Dr. G has found a project dedicated to this specific issue, based out of Miami, Florida, called

the Millennial Project, founded by Christian Guerrier.  Dr. G has set up a meeting for the two of them

to begin their investigation.  They travel to Miami for their first interview.




(Approximately 13 minutes)


Arriving in Miami, Christian Guerrier tells Dr. G and the Documentarian about The Millennial Project.  The Millennial Project is forging a holistic approach to empowerment, recruiting women and men into a growing grassroots movement.  Empowering women cannot begin and end with women alone.  Together, we can change the legal, cultural, and media trends that prevent the security and mobility of women and girls worldwide.


Christian discusses the startling statistics of the "Loud Secret" - the unreported numbers of successful young adults who have found themselves the victims or perpetrators of domestic violence.


  • The access to money, lifestyle, drugs, and the pressure for success at work is a real issue facing the current generation.

  • Men grow up in a community surrounded by the acceptance of violence towards women as they are initialized into adulthood.

  • This makes women very vulnerable.  Most conversations put women against men as the enemy.

  • The Millennial Project is trying to change that specific conversation.  A masculine man doesn't need to be violent.


Dr. G and the documentarian's journey digs deeper into this episode’s subject, searching for the psychological fundamentals at play here.  Beginning with a general, wide perspective of the subject matter, we are moving in on a singular subject.  Our POV goes from a metaphorical wide shot to a close-up.  What was public becomes personal.  The conflict and resolution are established.


Christian introduces us to case in point...


  • Susan Stanley. 26. Married 3 years. One daughter, Elizabeth.

  • On October 15, 2014 her 27 year old husband, Ryan, came home from a 17 hour work day at a software gaming company. He beat her bloody and unconscious.

  • She was found smashed against a living room wall – above which hung pictures of their destination wedding in Cancun.

  • She remained in a coma for 2 weeks.


We meet


With Christian's help, Dr. G and the documentarian set up an interview with Susan.


Dr. G sits “in session” with Susan.  By her sharing her pain of the experience, she brings insight

into the issues and hopes to help other women heal and some women avoid the problem



  • Susan discuss her experiences, the climate that led to the incident.

  • She shares how she has moves forward after the incident.

  • She explains findings of how she continues to work to escapes a cycle she feels she herself was responsible for.


Dr. G and the documentarian back to Los Angeles to piece together their findings and piece together the film.




(Approximately 8 minutes)


Dr. G and the documentarian arrive back at the office.  As the documentarian begins to edit footage from their interviews, Dr. G discusses his findings.


Having shined a light on the specifics for the Millennial generation, Dr. G and the Documentarian discuss what elements of empowerment and self-awareness they can offer - and what can be done to inspire social and cultural change toward the issue.







  1. Millennial Domestic Violence

  2. Millennials and Depression

  3. Black Millennials and Police Abuse

  4. Gun Violence and Millennials

  5. PTSD and Millennial Vets

  6. Homeless Gay Youth

  7. Millennials and Drug Abuse (Recovery)

  8. Millennials and NoKill animal rescue










ACT TWO - "the campaign"


ACT THREE - "the resolution"


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Concept Episode has been fictionalized. Names and situations have been altered.